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Preventing the Spread of COVID in the Workplace

How Area Tracing Can Help Businesses Mitigate Risk

As businesses grapple with ways to manage government-regulated COVID protocols, one question remains…how do workplace outbreaks continue to happen if employees are being screened for symptoms upon arrival?
The answer is clear to Robbie Saunders as he works with businesses of all sizes to help curb the spread of COVID in the workplace.  “It all comes down to area tracing,” the CEO of Ontario-based saniTrakr says.  “Many employers only account for one point of entry, even though their employees are moving throughout various departments during the day,” he says.
According to Saunders, knowing where your employees have been is crucial to avoiding large scale outbreaks and potentially, full closures. “While many employers are doing their due diligence and screening their employees upon arrival, they need to take it one step further and ensure that they are contact tracing within the workplace as well,” says Saunders.
Saunders and his team launched saniTrakr in November 2020, but recently went back to the drawing board after speaking with several clients  – especially those sectors that involve multiple sites, departments or locations like manufacturing, schools, health care, food processing and construction. “We quickly learned that we could prevent businesses from shutting down entirely – even with a confirmed case of COVID – because we could change the functionality of saniTrakr to allow for multiple points of entry,” he says. 
With saniTrakr’s new Area Selector tool, businesses can create zones or bubbles within the workplace. After completing the initial health screening questionnaire either onsite or remotely, employees can ‘check in’ at multiple locations or entry points by scanning a unique QR code with their phones.  Managers can easily determine which departments or locations an employee has visited, and in the event of a confirmed case, only isolate the area(s) affected.  
“Area tracing is about maintaining the health of a business,” says Saunders.  “saniTrakr allows businesses to simplify COVID protocols safely and securely,” he says.

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