trakr Counting

A faster way to count inventory!

We give you time back with our simplified mobile solution.

Low-Cost Implementation

No need for expensive equipment or complicated software.

From Shelf to Spreadsheet

Count effortlessly using a mobile device.

Simplified Integration

Merge data with your existing ERP or Accounting system.

Upgrade your inventory system

Starting at $49.99/month

You don't have to invest in expensive tools or a costly software solution.
Ditch the clipboard and start using trakr Counting!
improve your efficiency

The smarter way to count your inventory.

trakr Counting is a low cost, easy to use tool that saves you time and money. Our smartphone application enables the ability to count by Area, count by Category or scan barcodes on product shelves, then deliver a count directly to a spreadsheet.
Inventory the easy way

How trakr Counting Works

You'll be counting inventory in no time!

1. Upload the app.

2. Create a product catalog using your existing database.

3. Count inventory using a smartphone or mobile scanning device.

4. Synchronize data and review counts on customizable reports.

5. Merge count data with your ERP or Accounting system.


We'll be happy to answer any questions you might have!